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Beautiful Nurses - Is This What You Think?

beautiful nurse    When you think of nursing, or nursing assistants, what comes to mind? The reason that I thought to write about this was because of a generalization that is frequently made and was being discussed in one of my classes. 

   What is that generalization? Well I think most people are familiar with the nurse dressed in white with a short skirt and stockings.  You know the whole picture. 

   The fact is though, nurses don’t even wear those types of outfits anymore.  Their uniform is a rather plain scrub with unflattering Nike-looking running shoes. 

   This makes me wonder, where exactly did this image of “hot nurses” come from? Have they ever been attired in the fashion that many people dress up in for Halloween?  I am guessing not. 

  So there where did it come from? And more importantly, what do YOU think of when the word “nurse” is mentioned? Leave your responses!

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Medical Careers

If I was going to offer my advice to someone about choosing a new career path, I would probably say a medical career. 

Why?  Well, I wouldn’t recommend choosing a job in manufacturing.  The United states manufactures, some things.. can’t really think of any of them right now, since most American companies have their product made oversees anyhow.

I also wouldn’t recommend retail.  For those of you that have been in my shoes, retail takes a special kind of person.  A person that loves menial work.  Running a cash register, putting clothing back, taking attitude from customers that, who knows why they are so angry!?  In addition, it’s only for the special ones, who actually like to work on all the major holidays, work irregular shifts, get called in on your days off to cover someone who called in sick or quit.  Yes, retail isn’t much fun for most.  But notice, I said most, some of you love retail.

Sales.  I think sales also takes a special type of person.  While some people are a natural, others need to work at it.  It is a great character building job, but not something I would recommend for a career.  Unless of course its really a big blue chip type of sales position (if that even makes sense). 

I could drag this list on forever, but I want to direct the focus back to medical careers.  Why would I choose them as my top recommendation?  Well, they are harder to outsource that’s for sure.  The rest of the focus points you all are quite familiar with but ill discuss them anyhow.

Salary is good in medicine.  There is always going to be sick people.  Where there is sick people, there are people looking to pay top dollar to be well again.  That’s the simple reason why medicine makes bank.

Job security is a nice thing.  Yeah, anywhere people can be found, medical care is going to be needed.  Medical conditions just never let up.  Whether its the common cold, or serious illness such as cancer, it really is always something.

Prestige.  Lets face it, people find it prestigious to complete a lot of school to “help” others.  They must be a really caring thoughtful individual, is the most common judgement a doctor receives (and yes, I have found many A-hole doctors, more than caring ones that’s for sure).

So go on, take a look at some of the current medical careers by examining this medical careers list.  You might actually like it.  Oh, and if you want to see a few other reasons why one would go for a medical career, check out this page, Click Here